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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,,,, s leaves behind business owners in berkeley are cleaning up and taking stock after another night of protests, leaving behind broken glass and other debris in the streets and not everyone is on board with the demonstration. good afternoon, everyone.
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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. the massive job of cleaning up after another night of looting and vandalism in berkeley. hundreds took to the street and the freeways to voice their anger over the grand jury decision not to charge white officers in the death of black men. things got so out of hand, protesters turned on each other. ryan? >> reporter: that's right. tand happened right here on this radio shack on shattick. and we want to warn you that the video that we are about to show you, you might find it disturbing. going chaotic. he says there was some soci media backlash from some uc berkeley students, who urged friends not to hit the stre for the hundreds of protests who did make it, there was a path of destruction left in their wake. olice made at >> reporter: protests closed a freeway, this time it was highway 24. today, workers spent the morning cleaning up. the damage was focused mostly on banks and big name brands
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but also damaged the downtown building named for a civil rights pioneer who preached a message of nonviolence. there is even damage here, at the martin luther king jr. civic center building. >> why did they do that? you know, martin luther king walked for peace. and he believed in peace. why you want to vandalize something that he worked so hard for? >> reporter: uc berkeley freshman wanted to peacefully protest the grand jury decision saturday night, but he ended up getting more than he bargained for and i thinks the violent protesters have lost sight of the message. he says there was social media backlash from uc berkeley students who urged friends not to hit the streets but there were hundreds of protesters who did make it and there was a path of destruction left in their wake. police made at least a dozen arrests last night. and they say two of those arrests were instigators from saturday night, too. live in berkeley, ryan takeo. , kpix 5. >> the justice didn't is
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rolling out new guidelines -- is rolling out new guidelines for profiling with police. and it is beyond race and ethnicity and include profiling bans based on gender, national origin, religion and sexual orientation. the rules apply to federal law enforcement officers and considered only guidance for local police officers. firefighters battle two massive blazes early today, in downtown los angeles. as david begno shows us, the fires caused severe damage. >> reporter: flames engulfed an entire city block of downtown los angeles, damaging three buildings. the fire tore through the seven story apartment complex that was under construction. >> this fire was so big, that we had two adjacent high rise buildings start to catch on fire. >> reporter: the intense heat blew out windows, and melted street signs. and the fire was visible for miles. >> it was hot. it was very hot. to the point where you can just feel it pinching on your ears and your neck. >> reporter: more than 250 firefighters brought the fire
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under control, in a few hours. but then a couple of hours later, a commercial building being renovated went up in flames, two miles away. the fires are now out, but smoke is still billowing and firefighters will be on the scene throughout the day, and into the night. to make sure nothing flares up again. arson investigators are looking into the cause of both fires. >> it is very suspicious. i'm not going to say it was arson. i am not going to say i believe it was arson. but when you have a fire of this size, travel this fast, under these conditions, it is obviously very suspicious and we are going to treat it as such. >> reporter: officials say there is no indication that the two fires are connected. david begno, for cbs news, los angeles. no one was seriously injured in the two fires. the freeway closures near the flames and smoke caused traffic to back up for miles. a man is hospitalized after an officer's police car was
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rammed by a stolen car. police say the suspect rammed pat trol car near 98th and bancroft avenues. and officers opened fire, on the car, wounding one of the suspects. the officer was treat and released from a local hospital, and the suspect who was shot is listed in grave condition. new at noon, dozens of teenagers from less prosperous parts of the peninsula went shopping today, with the help of a 49ers wide receiver. antoine bolden foundation provided the money, some 70 students from menlo, atherton high school, got $100 each, to shop at a levi's store in valley fair mall in san jose. all live in east palo alto, and east menlo park. >> this is going to be exciting. this is great. helping them pick out some things. they want to know a little bit about style, so i'm trying to help them out in that department as well. >> bolden funds annual shopping sprees in places where he played college and pro football including south florida, baltimore, and the bay area.
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the latest battle of the bay went oakland's way. the raiders got their second win of the season by beating the 49ers. 24-13. kpix 5 kip doe in santa clara reports the loss has the 49ers head coach under more scrutiny. >> when the niners lost to the seahawks last week, the owner tweeted out an apology saying the result was not acceptable. fast forward to this week, and the batful the bay with the raiders, and first thing out of the gate, right out of the tunnel, jim harbaugh head over to the raiders owner to say hello. fueling speculation he may be headed to the east bay. and there was one sack. 22 of 28 in the pocket. and 254 yards. and the highest passing rating since 2001. coach harbaugh chimes in. >> i thought the effort was good. the raiders made plays, got
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stops, and consistently, and in crucial situations. >> reporter: niners playoffs hopes pretty much dashed at this point. just a long shot. they've got three games left in the season. now heading over to seattle. we all know how that game went with the seahawks in town the last time around. at levi stadium, kip doe, kpix 5. the niners are at seattle next sunday, the raiders travel to kansas city, to play the chiefs. happening today, nasa's orion spacecraft is headed to california right now. it accomplished its first tight flight before successfully -- test flight before successfully splashing down off of mexico's baja california. a navy amphibious war ship was in charge of recovering the craft and set to arrive at the base in san diego today. the goal ultimately is for orion to carry astronauts tomorrow, in the relatively near future. and san francisco has a plan to make it safer for pedestrians along market street in the downtown area. and starting next year, the city will ban right turns on market street. at nine intersections. the idea is to cut the number
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of frist private cars on market street to reduce the number of pedestrians being hit and drivers are forced to turn off eastbound market street at 10th and 6th. america's favorite past time, could soon have a place on the world stage. at the olympics. the international olympic committee is considering adding baseball and softball at the 2020 tokyo olympics. the committee has approved the system that would allow more than 28 sports for the summer games, host cities would choose additional events and they would be included for the games. the bay area is bracing for another big storm later this week. why crews are working overtime to patch up a large san francisco sinkhole. rain and wind will be moving into the bay area by the tail end of the week. right now we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. and we will talk about how much rain you can expect as the news continues, right here on kalamazoo 5. kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to have a sinkhole in the richmond taking a look at the big board right now, not looking like too good of a day. the dow is down about 106 points. well, crews in san francisco expect to have a sinkhole in the richmond district filled in and patched up by wednesday. and that schedule takes on added importance with the big storm forecast for thursday. the giant crater opened up last week, at sixth avenue and lake street. it was caused by water flowing from a broken storm drain line. which eroded sand underneath the road and then that broke a main water line. all right. so you have been talking about this all morning, roberta. this upcoming storm on thursday. >> yes, it was a jumping up and down kind of -- well, to let people be ready for the rain event. it is one of the biggest in the past decade, really. and i keep having people say, is there any chance it might go
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offcourse? there is always that chance but right now computer models are suggesting it is taking a direct aim on the bay area and this all would begin on thursday. right now, just a couple of stray showers. from a minor system that is falling apart at the seams. those showers have been primarily in the the northern portion of the bay area. and this is a bird's-eye view, from the transamerica building, we can look at san francisco, and under mostly cloudy skies. and temperature-wise, pretty mild. and 66 degrees in san jose after an overnight low of 49 degrees. southeast breeze at 15 right here in san jose. and looking ahead, toward thursday, and friday. heavy rain, and gusty winds in excess of 50 miles an hour, in the forecast. so that would lead to flooding. and rock and mud slides, downed trees and the possibility of downed power lines as well and definitely see some rising creeks and local rivers as well. mainly around the coastal range. and right now we are taking a look at the future cast and what i have done here is 72 is
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the model together and try to track the incoming system together. we are on the far reaches of the 72 hours. there you have the leading edge, by 8:00, in the evening hours, and toward northern sonoma county. so all of this progresses across the san francisco bay area by 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. this is the morning commute on thursday. both commutes will be adversely affected on thursday. and with the high tide situation the way it is, i believe that most flooding will occur on thursday afternoon. and again, that's when you are going to have already saturated soil and the possibility of downed lines and trees. so we are planning up to 6 to 8 inches of rain. the wettest spots highest locations in the mountains. santa cruz mountains and two to four inches in the urban areas of the san francisco area. and this is the batten down the hatches and clean out the gutters kind of day. lingering showers in eureka. sun goes down at 4:50. as it does so, temperatures unseasonably mild, all the way to 70 degrees in the gilroy
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area. the extended forecast, again tomorrow, a partly to mostly cloudy day and a day where the bulk of the day will be dry with the rain showers moving in by wednesday evening. hay, guys, i got to tell you something, this is my 18th year being involved with food for bay area families and today we have inhouse guest justin higs, with the corporate media advisor are chevron and melissa stone with chevron as well. and larry, from contra costa county and solano food banks, and i get to see you every year. good to see you again. justin, tell me what is up today. >> ye, roberta, we're here to present the check to larry and the bay area food banks. we are really excited to be here. at chevron we're dedicated to the health and well-being of the communities where we operate and we are really excited to partner, to deliver goods and services to those in need. >> and melissa, you already revealed a big giant check,
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this is huge. >> yes, we're proud to present to larry -- >> and larry, what do you think, $180,000, how many families you can feed? >> that will get four meals out to people for every dollar invested. than is a great example of corporate citizenship at its best and a company coming forward and making a difference. >> how do you come up with the money? >> chevron has been a partner with the food banks for over 10 years and this is part of what we do as a company and we invest in the communities where we are at and there is no better way than to partner with larry and his organization. >> thank you very much. >> larry, thank you. and melissa, thank you for visiting us and if you want to help out, you can, every single dollar does help. how many meals are served just one dollar? >> two meals into the community with every dollar that we get so they're making a big difference. it is a multiplier for every dollar people give, we can do more with it than they can.
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>> you heard it from larry. go to that hooks you up with food for bay area families. we want to thank you all for being with us today. brian, and michelle, i didn't hear a big applause here. $180,000. [ applause ] >> that's impressive. >> really something. >> one more time. $180,000. >> whoo! >> sorry, roberta. >> we got it right this time. >> thank you very much. very impressive. thank you so much. still ahead, working full time. going to school full time. it can take a big toll. see how this student is balancing those challenges, and rising above. >> and we want to invite all of you pet lovers out there to send us your questions about the health and well-being. just e-mail pets at kpix .com, or on our facebook page and we will have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be with tantumma candy not too long ago but i see the stem and leaf that are out there and this is my favorite. and take a look at how beautiful they are. when you buy them, make sure they have a nice orange color all the way around and the stem and leaf attached. that is really nice. heaven for the size. that means they are packed with juice and not pulp.
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and look at the tangerines and how easy they peel. just like that. no seeds. delicious. and loaded with nutritional value. and these tangerines are by far some of my favorite citrus fruits that come out this time of the year. and great for the holidays, too. and like i said, loaded with nutritional value. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always remember, to eat fresh and stay healthy. now i am going to try them. >> there you go, tony. >> good. >> look good. it is a sobering statistic. most low income kids who are the first in their families to go to college never graduate. family problems often brought them home or the money runs out. >> wendy tokuda shows us how one student is working through the challenges and rising above. >> edward newen is a full time student at the community college and works full time at a law firm in palo alto to support himself. it is a lot. but this is actually a lighter load for him. we first met edward when he was
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a senior at mission san jose high. a standout student. >> what's up? >> reporter: but it was his work at home that made him special. edward was only six when he witnessed his father beating his mother. >> i saw my father choking my mother, and it was really painful to watch. >> reporter: then his father left. his mom, sometimes worked two jobs at a time, to support her two children. >> it taught me how to become responsible. it taught me how to become that man in the family so i could take care of my sister and take care of my mom as well. >> reporter: fast forward now, to graduation and two years at santa clara university. then suddenly, his mother's landlord is facing foreclosure. and evicts edward's family. >> i had to be there for my mom and my sister and make sure they're okay. i mean that is priority. >> reporter: he had to skip
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classes. his grades dropped. and eventually, he ended up in the emergency room. >> i had pain and i had to call the emergency services at the school, and i had eventually a friend take me to the hospital. >> he finally hit the wall and he couldn't handle it anymore. and so he had to just step back. >> reporter: students rising above advisors see it happen a lot to low income kids who have grown up with a lot of responsibility. >> they love their families and they really want to be able to support them. and they will do anything to help take care of their families. >> reporter: even though he had a tuition scholarship, dorm fees went up. that was his responsibility. and it was too much. >> to be a college student, where the only thing they have to worry about is the finance and i have to come up with all of the expenses and find a way for myself to live. >> i told him it was going to be okay. >> reporter: his sra advisor helped him transfer to a community college. >> it is going to be fine. he is going to be more than fine. he is going to accomplish greatness because that's the kind of person that he is. >> reporter: edward plans to
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transfer to uc next year. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> to help more low income kid goes to college, just head to kpix .com/sra to donate. the homeless camp in san jose known as the jungle has been cleared out of the residence but many of the people are just re-establishing camp in a different location. this is near the tully library, about 40 people from the jungle are camping in this new spot. and this one has rules though. you have to stay sober. and work to get back into society. with the help of donations, these homeless people have new tens and new sleeping bags. >> we are trying to set up a model community. where we keep everything clean. and we stay quiet. we are clean and sober. >> this camp does already have an eviction notice from the city. but people here tell us that when they get kicked out from here, they will just pick a new location and move again. well, the duke and the dutchess of cambridge are in the united states. how the royals are enjoying
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their time in new york. >> and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem, or question, just call our hot line, 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and purs coming up tonight at 5:00 they come and go in packs and go straight for the designer shoes and purses. a shoplifting epidemic at bay
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area luxury stores and new video shows just how they're getting away with it. that story and more at 5:00. >> today, the duke of cambridge will meet president obama in washington, d.c. and the dutchess kate middleton will visit a center for child development in new york city. the royal pair arrived yesterday and tomorrow, will and kate will visit the national september 11th memorial and attend a fundraising dinner. they are very popular in new york. >> yes. and the first time there. it is amazing. >> i know. that's going to do it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great afternoon.
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>> quinn: hope! [ dialing, ringing ] >> hope: hi. it's hope. leave a message and i will call you back. [ beep ] >> liam: [ sighs ] uh, hey. it's me again. uh, listen, i don't mean to pester you, but nobody knows where quinn is, and i just have this -- this feeling. uh, call me back, okay? and if you're still at your mom's house, stay put, 'cause i'm almost there. okay. bye. [ sighs ]


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